Vanuatu is known as the “pearl of the South Pacific” and “Australian and New Zealand’s back garden”. Most importantly, Vanuatu is a member of the commonwealth of nations and a French-speaking country. The weather is mild all year round with the 25.3 degrees of average annual temperature, therefore, Vanuatu is a good place for relaxation. It only takes three hours to travel from Vanuatu to the main cities of Australia and New Zealand. The country also has a stable political environment with the common law system, coupled with virtually zero crime rates.

Let me introduce the economic environment in Vanuatu briefly. Vanuatu is a world-famous tax haven. There are no income tax, capital gains tax, corporation tax or inheritance tax. Vanuatu is also a global offshore financial center. Vanuatu allows 100% foreign ownership; capital account is fully convertible; all capital and profits can be 100% remitted; offshore companies can successfully bypass trade barriers through this offshore financial center; no foreign exchange control, the transfer of funds is more convenient; it has well-established banks, trusts, insurance, offshore companies, and other offshore institutions. Vanuatu can help customers to achieve asset allocation and wealth invisible efficiently.

In the global passport investment project, the Vanuatu passport has incomparable advantages.

Vanuatu government strongly supports the passport investment project
Citizenship law act: Amendments to the Citizenship Act [Cap 112].
Recognition of dual nationality
Visa-free for 130 countries and regions, including EU, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc.
The cheapest passport program in the world.
Simple application documents: basic personal documents
Minimum waiting day – approve within 30 days
One person applies, three generations immigrate
No need to live in Vanuatu to show your commitment to citizenship.
No proof of source of funds
Passport replacement is simple: it can be handled through the Vanuatu embassy or consulate or go to Vanuatu, or through intermediary companies.

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